Unique Ceiling Fans Design

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Unique ceiling fans can be obtained in some stores, and of course unique look will help you getting unique room appearance because it will be simple focal point in room. This original fan has a 3-blade design of natural wood solid dark walnut finish and steel engine body. This gives it a very attractive appearance, which makes it perfectly suits both rustic and modern environments. His lines remind us a little fan prestigious Haiku, the Australian company Big Ass fan company, but at a much more attractive price. This time, it was decided to equip the lantau of a DC motor conventional, probably not increase its price in excess. Provides both for 3 speeds, the first at a level of 90 rpm low speed which is possible thanks to its relatively large diameter of 1320 mm. In addition, this diameter makes it suitable for rooms up to 27 m².

For us it is always good news a big fan with a low minimum speed because it is more efficient, quieter and more pleasant operation. On this occasion, moreover, the blades are designed with a curved airfoil variable angle, which should result in greater efficiency. You can see an explanation of these aspects in the section on performance of unique ceiling fans. The fan comes with remote control included, habitual thing in the high-end fans like lantau.

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