Under Bed Shoe Storage: New Place For Your Shoe

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Under Bed Shoe Storage is a creative innovation for saving your shoe in the place you never imagine. Rather than leaving the under bed empty, you can exploit it to store your shoe. It will save space and you can store many shoe of your collection without afraid to lose it. Nevertheless, you still need to consider some thing to store it optimally.

First thing to consider for using Under Bed Shoe Storage,

please make sure you put clean shoe under your bed. Do not place your dirty shoe under your bed. Remember that space under your bed is only for storing your shoe collection. If you keep the dirty shoe under your bed, it will give you bad dream all long night. And it will affect to smell bad around your room. The shoe you put under your bed also must be dry. Putting wet shoe will create many bacteria and spread the dirty mold. Furthermore, it will make your under bed humid and even mossy. This condition is sure not good for your health too. Second, you need to put air freshener under your bed. Even though you have washes your shoe and keep it dry, sometime it still leave with a bit bad odor around. The best solution for it, use the air freshener.

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People often use technique DIY (Do It Yourself) to make Under Bed Shoe Storage.

It does not cost expensive for installing it yourself. You can use the shoe box and combining it by wood glue or leave it stack up box per box. You can also make drawer from wood to make you easy in taking and placing your shoe. If you prefer to buy, some online stores also provide you the item made of thick fabric or nylon. You can also sew it yourself by combining some recycle jeans or cloths.

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