Types of Vinyl Picket Fence Panels

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Vinyl Picket Fence Panels can be used to provide you and your family privacy when you are in your garden, or it can be a decorative way to establish property lines. Homeowners using fence panels when building privacy fence, because the fence panels are pre-compiled and ready to be installed. They reduce effort to install a privacy fence significantly. But you still need to know how to work with Vinyl Picket Fence Panels to install them properly.


Vinyl Picket Fence Panels are available in three basic versions: solid, picket and shadowbox. Fixed fence panels have boards that are close together and are designed to offer complete privacy. The fence design is a decorative fence panel that defines the proper lines or separates your house from the front sidewalk. The fence panels skip alternating discs and offer no privacy.

Vinyl Picket Fence Panels offer the same appearance on both sides of the fence. With a solid fence panel, facing the fence the neighbor’s yard and support braces for your farm. With a shadowbox fence, you and your neighbor will see the fence boards. If you were to look at every page of a shadowbox panel, it would look like a big fence panel with alternating boards missing. But the pattern on each side is offset so there are no openings.

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