The Easy Way to Build a Sliding Barn Door Track System

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Think about the best barn door track system which will ease you when opening and closing the door, here are the ideas to read for inspiration. Start makes barn door track system by placing the components of frame on a flat surface. Put the 2 side pieces and the top and bottom pieces together and put a screw in each of the 4 corners and then measure the diagonal through the door, from corner to corner in each direction to square up to the door.

You can use your own wood 2 x 4. Measured both sides of the door frame, from the top, and make a pencil mark every 2 feet. Slide the ends of each bracket side rails in their brands. At this point, you may want to measure their corners doors again to check that it is still square.

If you do not have a clue installed door, now is the time to do it. Use a level to make sure the barn door track system hangs perfectly level. Be sure to measure the height of the door over the carriage height to determine how high to mount the track. Once the track is installed slide the wheels of both cars at the end of the runway. Place the caps on the ends of the barn door track system.

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