The Appeal of Plug in Wall Lamp

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Do you remember your old school lamp with a cable and electric socket that needed to be plugged in so it could turn up? Some people, unbelievably, still use the same type of lamp. But there is a twist to the new plug in wall lamp with newer model and design. One of the most popular options is the wall sconce, a small and compact lamp that you only need to plug into the socket so you can enjoy the light.

The Beginning

The wall sconces originally started as the night lamp, which is used in kids’ room for dimmed and subtle light. The idea was to plug in this small lamp with dim ray of light as a source of light so the room is dark enough but not too pitch black dark. Parents usually have this kind of light so their kids won’t be afraid when they have to go to bed. As time passes by, the development of the wall sconces has moved forward. Instead of being the night lamp, the wall sconces have turned into this stylish plug in wall lamp with attractive designs and used in almost any setting around the house. The sconces are generally placed outdoor for subtle light or inside a hallway. They can also be used in living rooms, study rooms, home offices, and even bedrooms for accents.

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And now, the design of the plug in wall lamp has even progressed forward. There is a new installation where you can plug it in to the socket but there is a button mechanism that you can press so you can easily turn it on and off. The new design includes swing arms so your lamp has this better flexibility in providing light to other areas. If you are looking for a new way to improve your interior décor, having this kind of lamp can help.

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