Teal Shower Curtain Design

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You should have very good teal shower curtain which will be very good to decor bathroom shower area in the more decorative touch. It can help you identify a bathroom style and make a statement about personal taste. Measure the length and width of the shower or bath. Start at the top of the tub or shower and measured at the bottom. Add 3 inches to fold greater than the length. No need to add a hem allowance for shower curtains rarely touch the bathroom floor or inside the tub. When they do, molds and mildew can grow on them because of constant exposure to moisture. Measure the width and fullness decide how much you want in your shower curtain. Add extra width if you want your shower curtain to have a collected look.

The teal shower curtain, look for waterproof or water resistant fabrics. Some fabrics are waterproof, especially polyesters and curtains. Place the top of the shower curtain on the ironing board and press a hem of one-eighth inch to the wrong side of the fabric. When finished, press 3 inches to form the superior finish of the shower curtain. Sew the seam down with the sewing machine. Repeat the process to form the bottom of the shower curtain.

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