Rustic Wood Slat Fence Design

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Wood slat fence – Building a rustic wood slat fence is a good way to visually define an area as a farm or garden. In some cases, the fence aim to keep animals in or out, and in other cases just may aesthetic reasons. Cedar, because of its natural resistance to rot, is a good wood for outdoor enclosures. Rustic wood slat fence is technologically simple to construct, but the process requires extensive physical activity. And especially when digging post holes and install the posts.

This is achieved by varying the size of the fins used as well as using a different color for the boards. This project requires no previous experience in woodworking and can be completed in a few hours. Create the framework for the panel with 2-for-4 pleader. Prepare the wood slats of the wood slat fence. If you want to use different widths for boards, cut 2-by-4s in varying widths.

Stain the wood slat fence in different colors. The paint on the wood stains with the grain of the wood and let it dry for at least four to six hours. Apply a coat of wood sealant to the tree to protect it from the elements. Collect the wood slat fence panel. When the tree is finished to your liking, put wooden slats across the vertical frame. You can leave a little space between each table, or stack them straight against each other.

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