Practical Type of Chain Link Fence Door

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Chain link fence door provides a relatively inexpensive way to protect a space. For a backyard, property perimeter, kennel, sports or industrial area. Several different types of ports are available, each suitable for different applications. Ranging from a simple swinging gate for a yard fence for large gates that protect wider openings such as driveways. A swinging gate is a practical way to provide access through a chain link fence for a walkway in a farm or in a kennel, tennis court or other protect area.

Chain link fence door usually consists of a steel frame with chain link wire fabric stretched over it. A special hinge with separated male and also female sections connecting gateway to fence. Builders often mount upper hinge with male portion of hinge pointing downwardly to prevent door from being lifted hinges. Then you can mount swinging gates side by side to form a double gate to protect a greater span of fence.

A rolling gate works well to cover larger space in a chain link fence door, especially when there is not enough space for a swinging gate. rolling gate has a pair of wheels with flanges on back of gate. These wheels run on a pair of tube track mounted on side of gate. A small set of wheels on other end of gate supporting gate, then rolling along ground. If you want to open, running port along tracks slide along fence.

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