Making Reception Desks Meets the Code

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There are two types of workstations receptionist who require different space requirements. The choice of a high counter is ideal for basic operations, but would be difficult to try to design reception desks that meet codes Accessibility Act Americans with Disabilities since it would require additional space, a lower space might seem one afterthought.


  1. The dimension of counter height is measured from the surface of finished floor to the top of the reception desk and should not exceed 36 inches, leaving inside of range for visitors.
  2. As in the kitchen cabinets and woodwork, all built spaces require what is called socket. This space of 8 inches (20.32 cm) measured vertically from the floor over a fence to provide feet and footrests of the wheelchair that will allow the public to come to the reception desks.
  3. Typical configuration reception desks always require a standing area for the person who actively participates in a transaction at the counter and a circulation zone behind for those wishing to spend.
  4. Desk height should be measured from the end to the bottom of this floor. The height of the desk has a direct correlation with the level of total counter and therefore must be comparable.
  5. Keep all dimensional relationships in proportion; seat height receptionist should also be taken into consideration.
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