Led Ceiling Fan Wiring

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A led ceiling fan wiring with light-emitting diodes, or LEDs (for its acronym in English), is a magnificent visual addition to a games room, recreation room, or bedroom of adolescents. While the fan cools the area with a gentle breeze, the LED turns to create a circle of light dance on par with the hissing rhythm of the fan blades. LED bulbs Different color and patterns creative networks can create a dramatic look. Turn off the switch that sends power to the fan. Leave it off until it’s time to try the lights.

Prepare the led ceiling fan motor. Remove the fan blades until they separate the canopy. The canopy is surrounding the motor housing. Off or unscrew the canopy with gentle pressure or flathead screwdriver. Disconnect all cables. Remove the engine mount or ceiling bar and set it aside for later. Creates a model template for the fan blades. Trace the outline of the blades on a piece of plywood. Cut out the outline with a chain saw to create the template. Draw the grid pattern of the LED lights on the template. Drill holes in the template where the LED lights will. Create a grid pattern on the fan blades.

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