Industrial Floor Lamp Design

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Industrial floor lamp – The metal halide lamps consist of a bulb with a high intensity discharge (HID, for its acronym in English), a ballast to control the power to the bulb and fixture to support other components and to give shape the beam. Fluorescent lights are usually two or more fluorescent tubes, ballasts for tubes and a light that directs light. When you switch to another type of lighting you need to replace a style of lighting another. The location of the lights and the electric charges of the lighting circuits are also aspects to consider.

Make a study of the existing industrial floor lamp. Shows the location of facilities in a floor plan or a reflected ceiling plan. Distinguished in the background every type of luminaire using a letter such as A, B and so on, unless all lamps of the same type. Measure the height of each lamp above the ground and record the height above the plane. Make a list of each type of lamp showing the manufacturer, model number and wattage. Manufacturer Get the luminous flux of the lamp in lumens per Internet, talking with electrical parts distributor with which you intend to buy fluorescent lamps or get in touch with a representative of the manufacturer.

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