How to Decorate Wood Paneling without Painting Ideas

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How to decorate wood paneling without painting – Wood paneling is common in some older houses and apartments. Although some people might like it as part of their decor, others do not. If you have wood paneling in your home or office and do not like it, there are ways to go about changing it. Painting is an option, but if you prefer not to paint, there are several other ways to do it.

How to decorate wood paneling without painting is giving Background feed,

Background feed is a thick layer of paper or vinyl that is used to make smooth surface suitable for painting or wallpaper. It has adhesive on the back, so you can simply drag the glue off and press on the wall, generally after you have used some sandpaper on it to give the adhesive something to hold onto. The feed is mainly in white and can have texture that makes it attractive to leave on the wall of him instead to cover it with wallpaper.

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And the second one to how to decorate wood paneling without painting is staining the wood panels. The panel takes on a different look that gives it depth and can instantly change the look of the entire room. You can use a pre-stain or make one yourself by using paint thinner and a little wood-colored paint. When mixing the two produces a stain that may ease somewhat. You can leave the lights or do multiple coats to go as dark as you want your room to look.

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