How to Cover Wood Paneling Basement

although basement is not urgent part of your home, nonetheless your basement need more attention to make you comfortable.


Determine the arrangement pattern of the wood panels you want. Is the pattern forming vertical (upright) or horizontally (sleep)? This will affect the installation of the correct pattern.
Make sure the surface of natural wood rafters used is fine-textured, as this will affect the level of neatness final result will be. If the surface feels rough wooden rafters, you can grind using wood shavings. Much like the ceiling of the house, the wooden rafters will be used as a frame of wood panel mounting.
After that, install a frame of wooden rafters to the wall of the interior with the opposite pattern of the desired arrangement of wood panels. For example, if you want the wood panels are arranged vertically, the wood frame rafters fitted with a horizontal arrangement, and vice versa. Install a wood frame to the wall using nails/screws, with each distance is 40 cm wooden frame.
Before pairing wood panels to the frame rafters, you can check the quality of the wood panel beforehand. Make sure the thickness of the wood panels are identical and all the angles formed the size of 90 degrees. It would be better if you had bought wood panels ahead of time so that changes due to expansion-shrinkage panels adapt to the interior condition occurs prior to installation.
After quality checking process is done, the next is the process of gluing wood panels to the frame rafters. Called paste, because it is in this step we use glue to glue the second PPVC wood surface. Unlike nails/screws, glue usage is preferred because not bother to see the outer surface of the wood panel as a result of iron nails/screws are visible. Oleskanlah the wood glue on the surface of the frame and the back surface panel that will meet the frame. Wait a few moments for a little glue to dry, and then paste wood panels to the frame rafters. Repeat this step until the desired field wall entirely covered wooden panels.
Actually, the main function of this is the use of wood panels as interior accessories to beautify the look of a wall with a natural feel. So, very hurt when you hang an ornament on the wall of this wood panels. But if you keep forcing yourself to decorate, installation of wooden panels should be reinforced using nails/screws. Apply nail/screw enough on the top corner of the wooden panels as the jib that are not easily visible.
As the final step is to give the finishing varnish in the form of melamine. In addition, will increase the charm of wood paneling with its luster, finishing is also useful as a protective panel that is not easily stained and damaged.
if you lazy to set wood paneling you can call building officer

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