How to Cover Wood Paneling in Affordable Ways

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How to cover wood paneling – If you can not completely remove all of panels in one room, one way to change their appearance is to apply plaster to wood siding to create appearance of drywall at a fraction of cost. For little more than cost of plaster, we can completely make more than one room with panels in a few days. If you have wood siding you cannot eliminate either because you are not ready to put in effort and expense or because you are a tenant, covered with wood paneled with fabric is a good way to hide wood panels.

How to cover wood paneling?

Prepare wall surface by removing dirt, grease or buildup on surface. Use a high-strength detergent to clean bottom wall panels. Sand panels vigorously with 120 grit sandpaper. Remove any clear coating from panels. Wipe wall with a damp cloth to remove sanding dust.

How to cover wood paneling? Apply that for wood cladding.

Fill all cracks and joining areas of wall panels. plaster must dry completely before continuing. Gypsum sand to a finished level with wood lining. Use a sanding gypsum block for a smooth finish. Reapply cast and return to sand if necessary. If you do not have to, prime and paint wall of a more attractive finished product.

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