How Do Patio Chair Covers Cushions

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Patio chair covers cushions are hard to find on the winter and expensive to buying in the summer. If you already have cushions in your backyard, you give them a new life with a new style creating covers for them. Make yourself sleeves is cheaper than buying new pillows. In addition, they will give the patio furniture style update, especially if your current cushions are discolored by sun exposure. For this project, you need to use a sewing machine. This case covers a cushion shaped case.


1. Measure the patio chair covers pillow. Record the length and width of the face and add 1 inch (2.5 cm) to those measures. Measure the length and width of the left and right sides and record the numbers on paper. If the cushion is square, you should only take measurements of one side. Add 1 inch to the second group of measures.

2. Cut the fabric according stockings Step 1. You will need two equal parts for the front and rear and four narrower pieces for the sides.

3. Place the cut fabric on a table with the wrong side facing up. Put the two largest pieces on one another. Place each of the remaining four pieces around the respective sides, by matching.

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4. By clicking the narrowest lengths of fabric that form the sides of the sheath around one of the large pieces, with the right odds. Make sure patio chair covers the edges of the fabric are aligned correctly.

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