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At one point, desk blotter has served a functional purpose. They were made to absorb excess ink that might leak out of the feathers. These days, they have served more decorative and storage functions. Because of this, games for kid’s desk blotters have become more popular. They can be found in some home decorations and many office supply stores, and they are also easy DIY projects that can be customized to meet the needs of your own children.

Children who love sports will enjoy accessorizing their desks with desk blotter themed sports.

Use this theme with new fabric to make one of these dryings. Add woven side pockets in coordination or a smooth canvas on which you can decorate with stencils sports. Use fabric paint to paint the name of a favorite team down in a side pocket and your child’s name down on the other.

Most desktop blotter has pockets on the sides that make useful storage for notes or photos. Instead of making these cloth bags, decorative trims used instead. For example, instead of a pocket of 3 inches down the side of the drying, adds three rows of rails, flat lace or cord. Your children can still slide notes and pictures on them.

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