Flush Mount Ceiling Fan: Both Fashion and Function

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Modern people love to live in modern way. People these days love to decorate their houses with unique items but still have benefit from it use. One example is the use of flush mount ceiling fan. This kind of fan has different design from the vintage ones until the simple-modest ones. Rather than using air conditioner in their ho uses, people still use fan because it is fresher and more natural. Beside that, people also thing that putting item on the ceiling of their house is better than leave it empty. In conclusion, this fan has two used, both for decoration and air freshener.

The Benefits Of Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

First modern design of flush mount ceiling fan is the one with lighting. So it is used both for air freshener and also room lighting. Sometimes the lighting has many colorful lamps, which give the effect like disco ball in the club, when we turn it on. With the lamp, this fan also functioned as the sleeping lamp, which help people to catch good dream just like a dreamcatcher. Other design gives look to the fan to be more oriental. This design often used by Asian people or Japanese people. This kind of design usually blends with the design of Asian traditional houses.

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Other design is the sophisticated ones. This design usually has some points of uniqueness. Some of the fan painted with bright color to create unique effect when the fan spun. Other are painted with rainbow color or even painted like Captain America Shield. Other unique design usually combines two electrical fans but used it as ceiling fan. As much as many designs provided, people still need to take care of it since it easily catch dusts. Cleaning flush mount ceiling fan regularly, will make it functioned as it is meant to be and looked beautiful as it is designated.

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