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File storage ottoman is multitasked of the furniture world, not only serves as a footrest and hidden storage, but also as a makeshift coffee table out or even acute seating. Make your own DIY ottoman with storage, you can customize your ottoman size, shape and color, to create a custom piece that seamlessly integrates into your existing room design system. In addition, building pallet storage is often much cheaper than buying an ottoman off the shelf.

File storage ottoman, measure and cut four pieces of pine to 1 foot by 1 foot. Measure and cut two pieces to 13 inches by 13 inches, set aside these two pieces. Run a small amount of glue along one of the smaller boards’ 1-inch wide edges. Attach another one of those one-foot board edges glued edge, you must create a 90-degree L shape with two boards. Clamp this configuration in

File storage ottoman, attach another pine bit again by gluing and clamping now you have a U shape. Add the final piece, this time bonding and fastening in two places. The receiver now looks square. Along each edge a wooden side below it, mark a dot every 2 inches. Drive the nails in each brand by tapping them with a hammer. Wipe oozing glue with a damp towel. Leave your clips on and let the glue dry at least 24 hours. Remove the clips.

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