DIY: Interior Barn Door Hardware

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Whether your home is a cabin in the woods or you’re designing a room with rustic theme, an interior barn door creates a rustic style that can complete the look. It is not necessary that the door is too large to accommodate the entry of a horse, but you can build interior barn door hardware that has an authentic look of approximately 1.20 m wide.


  1. Eight wooden plates placed one beside the other on a flat surface. Board either wooden board so that there is no gap between them.
  2. Locate a piece of wood 1.20 m horizontally along one edge of the plates. Another piece of wood placed 1.20 m horizontally along the other edge of the plates.
  3. Six wood screws screwed through the horizontal plates in the upper and lower edges and in the central part of the horizontal piece, along eight wooden plates.
  4. Turn the interior barn door hardware and insert wood putty into the holes you made with screws.
  5. Lima both sides of the new gate with medium sandpaper grain 80.
  6. Apply a protective primer for oil-based wood on one side of the door. Flips the wooden board and the primer layer applied on the other side of the interior barn door hardware.
  7. Painting the door painting water-based latex.
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