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Island with BBQ grill

The island barbecue outdoor kitchen grills is a design choice that works well if you have a lot of space. There are variations of this grill that can accommodate various spaces and needs. At its most basic level, has a grill and an area for food preparation. You can also add a wet bar and other areas if you have a little more room.

Outdoor Cooking

For people who have more room, cooking outdoors is a good choice. This is basically an extension of the kitchen of the house. The outdoor kitchen grills  can run on coal or gas and can be as large as you like. This option usually provide a larger preparation area. These settings also often have ovens and refrigerators. Building an outdoor kitchen near the house can also allow you to connect a sink.


A bar area typically can be added to any outdoor kitchen grills station, unless this is very small. This is done by incorporating a countertop. People can sit on the other side of the bar and talk to the grill while food is being prepared. In outdoor kitchens with refrigerators, this is especially convenient because guests need not go in to get drinks.

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