Decorating Living Room With Oversized Chair And Ottoman Set

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Oversized Chair And Ottoman Set – When decorating the living room, one of the most used ways to “close” the living area is to use a double buffer or double ottoman at one end or to complete the decoration as a coffee table. The Ottoman concept comes especially from the Arabic or Turkish style. On the other hand, to use a repeated element is one of the most classic resources in interior design.

We have already seen at the moment how the symmetry is one of the most characteristic principles of interior decoration, used especially in classic style. The pair of objects (either two lamps on a sideboard, two oversized chair and ottoman set perfectly placed next to the fireplace or two pictures hanging on the wall), usually convey a sense of order, cleanliness, and sobriety to the set where they are placed.

Although an oversized chair and ottoman set can be placed in any area (under the sideboard of the entrance, at the foot of the bed or in a waiting room, this article will focus on its use in the living room). The usual thing in the most common of the halls is to have a TV cabinet on one of the walls, a three-seater sofa directly opposite and either a two-seater sofa or a chaise lounge or two armchairs at right angles to the sofa, To allow a comfortable conversation between several.

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