Convert an Allowance Butcher Block Kitchen Island

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A butcher block kitchen island is a good way to break the ice when you have guests for dinner. A butcher block with an appropriate finish is suitable for cooking, easy to clean and compatible with your expensive cutlery. Shortens the process of creating one for yourself when buying a fact box and install it on your old countertop. Your friends will admire your cunning and after serving a tempting dinner, also think you’re a great cook.


Turn the table and place it on the butcher block following the mark. Check it sit evenly on the counter to measure the remaining part of each side. This should be equal on all sides. Drill a hole through the counter and halfway block adjacent to each table leg butcher block kitchen island. Drill two holes into the middle of the table, which should be half the butcher block.

Affirms the table with butcher block kitchen island long nails inserted into these holes and adjust with drill or screwdriver. Turn the table and checks that the butcher block is final and will not slip on the counter. Let the oil is absorbed and then gently sanding block. Apply a second coat of oil and let it be absorbed overnight, then clean the excess.

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