Why Choosing 50 Pair Shoe Rack

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Do you have a large collection of shoes? Are the family’s shoes collections so enormous that you need more than one shoe rack or shelf to accommodate them all? If you have problems with the huge number of shoes scattering around the house, you should probably think about having the 50 pair shoe rack. Yes, the rack is big but it will accommodate your needs just fine.

The Basic Design and Functions

As the name suggests, the 50 pair shoe rack is able to accommodate 50 pairs of shoes without a hassle or problem. The design is pretty basic and simple with rectangular shape and shoes slats. The main construction is usually metal considering that it needs to support the weight of 50 shoes – imagine that! If you find one made of plastic, don’t buy it, unless you only want to have the rack for show and your shoes collections aren’t more than 10. But if you do need the rack for the many shoes you have, you want to have a construction that is sturdy and solid – and it is metal. Since it is made of metal, the rack usually comes with a simple silver hue and a very basic design. However, if you want to add color to the platform, you can always paint it on your own. It will definitely make the rack look different.

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If you want to buy the rack, plan where you are going to place it. Since it is pretty big, it would be better if you have prepared a special storage area for it before buying one. If you don’t mind spending extra, you can always have the custom design or the contemporary compact model. The newest design allows you to store 50 shoes without compromising the space. But the new design of 50 pair shoe rack is pretty costly so carefully consider which one you want to pick.

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