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White PVC fence – The full name of PVC fencing is PVC plastic-steel fence. “Plastic steel” is named after its structure. The only drawback of the plastic fence is its low rigidity. Therefore structural steel is apply base on wind load to reinforce the plastic components. Make up the shortcomings of plastic, this it is call plastic steel fence. Product advantages of color-free and maintenance-free, this product grand gateways remain as new, this combine cost will be save.

Using patented insert connection method or proprietary connective tissue component for installation. Hit both manufacturing and installation process to be simple. Which can improve installation efficiency. White PVC fence includes various styles and specifications and follows carefully the current fashion. Which is not only convenient to use but also graceful and art for decoration. This product is safe and environmentally friendly to humans and animals and does not harm others iron fence at accidental contact.

The inner chamber amplifies by the line galvanize steel or aluminum alloy to ensure the strength and shock resistance, which offer PVC fence both the strength of steel and artistic appearance of white PVC fence. By adopting a specific formula and ultraviolet light absorber, this product never fade in color, whiting, peeling, cracking or blistering or damage the mesh, thus the insured for a 30-year life.

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