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Tar And Chip Driveway – This type of surface is also called “Macadam,” a name derived from its creator, a Scottish engineer named McAdam. As Mary Bellis observes in her biography of McAdam, roads built this way were originally water-bound. Before evolving into the tar-based versions we have today. Tar and chip driveway afford good tractions since the surface layer is compose of individual stone. So rather than having a smooth and potentially slick surface like asphalt, the surface of tar and chip driveways is rough.

Just make sure you find contractors who come highly recommending, because, if not properly constructed. The same characteristic those give these surfaces traction also makes them more difficult to plow and shovel namely. All those individual little stone sticking up. If you wish to be extra-cautious with your tar and chip driveway and keep any loose stones in place. Instruct your plowing contractor to keep the plow blade up slightly off the surface (hopefully, your contractor follows instructions well).

But unless your plans on having that left over 1 inch or so of snow melting off pretty soon (as it might on, say, a south-facing slope). You may be losing some of that’s good tractions for which tar and chip driveway are known. There really is no regular maintenance requiring of a tar and chip driveway. Unlike asphalt, it doesn’t have to be sealing regularly. That’s the good news. On the other hand, snow removal can create problems.

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