About Us

Pat & Rosie purchased this property in 1976 and have created a lush garden. Their love of gardening with their combined passion have turned this one time apple orchard into a tranquil gardens oasis. Filled with over 500 varieties of plants and trees, secret pathways, ponds, redwood groves and many romantic places to share your love. Redwood Hill Gardens is the place for your wedding.Pat & Rosie open their property for your once in a life time moment. Their hands on detail is unprecedented from the moment you meet them you will understand the attention to detail and their love of the property.

Redwood Hill Gardens is a truly remarkable spot for intimacy and tranquility, for beauty and inspiration. This property is available for weddings & special events for up 150 guests from May through October and are limited to only 8 weddings a year. Call or email for pricing, packages, availability, or to schedule a site visit.

For more information please contact Rosie London at redwoodhillgardens@gmail.com